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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Pat with Keith Jarrett
Category: Other Musicians
From: Gabriele Thomas  Milito (Italy)

I'd be very happy if Pat's original style and Jarrett's mystic sound were merged in a magic album.

Pat’s Answer:

keith is one of my all time favorite musicians - he is certainly one of the most important living musicians. there is so much to say about keith's greatness, i wouldn't even know where to begin. i can't really think of anyone whose talent compares to his.

i would say it is very unlikely that i would ever do anything with keith. and honestly, i'm not sure i would ever want to ruin the special place that his thing has for me by actually playing with him - it always changes things when you actually do it. to me, it would be like the chance to do something with one of the beatles - i wouldn't want to mess up what that music means to me by getting too close to it. i love keith's music almost too much to ever play it.