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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: EBow
Category: Guitars
From: Bernardo Uzeda (Brazil)

Hello Pat! I'm a 15 year old musician from Rio de Janeiro, and your music had a total impact on my life, such as other great musicians like Allan Holdsworth, John Abercrombie etc... Well the thing is that i'm just in love with EBows for guitars, i would like to know if you ever recorded something with an Ebow, since you're always experimenting new stuff... I think you and Tom Jobim are probably the most acomplished musicians on Earth, you both created a NEW REALITY for music, and a new and eternal music style... thanks

Bernardo Uzeda

Pat’s Answer:

hi bernardo,

thanks for listening - and i am happy you are enjoying the music.

the ebow is a very interesting device, and yes, i have experimented with it a fair amount. on our recording "quartet" you can find a few instances of it i believe. there have been a few players that i have run into over the years that have employed it beautifully - notably randy roos, a guitarist from boston, and most recently i saw a guitarist in sardinia named paolo angeli who had invented a guitar that used an ebow in a most interesting way. paolo cracked the hardest thing about it, which is how to put it down and pick it up seemlessly by putting it right in the guitar itself and having a switch to turn it off and on. it is a really cool technology - still somewhat underexplored.

best from pat