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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: set-up, sound Pat Metheny Trio Live
Category: Guitars
From: Sepp Rottmayr

Hi Pat, I really would like to know which set-up (guitar,pre-amp, poweramp, speaker,delays ...and so on) you used on the Pat Metheny Trio Live (1999/2000) recordings. Everything sounds so simple and natural. I Love it. I also enjoyed your sound on "Question and Answer" and Joshua RedmanĀ“s "Wish". I love the pure, what I would call acoustic Jazz sound. Thanks a lot for your music!

Pat’s Answer:

hi sepp,

actually, regardless of the setting, i use basically the same setup. on the trio recordings, i would say that the biggest part of the guitar sound comes from the direct signal right off the pickup. to me, most of the sound should come right from your hands and the way that you make the string sound. i have preferred a more dark sound over the years in those kinds of settings which means setting the tone control (usually) in the right spot. live, i use the same amps and everything as in the group - a digitech 2101 preamp and crest poweramps with a 4-10"speaker fed into two lexicon primetime digital delays into two more amps spread around the stage to diffuse the sound a bit. but, like i said, it is mostly the direct sound with a little bit of reverb. playing with a lot of dynamics within the phrase probably affects the sound more than any of the gear involved.

thanks for listening from pat