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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: Guitar sound on "Till We Have Faces
Category: Guitars
From: Mark Stanley (New York, NY)

Hi Pat, Can you tell me what you used on the Gary Thomas CD, "Till We Have Faces"? It is such an interesting tone and I love your playing on that CD. Thanks, Mark

Pat’s Answer:

hi mark,

honestly, i don't remember much about the technical side of that date. i am pretty sure i just used whatever amp was in the studio which i believe was a mesa boogie. also i think most of the time i was playing on the roland gr300 guitar. i do know that i don't think i ever played that way before that day and i don't think i have since - and for that i have to thank gary and the other musicians on that date for setting up an environment that allowed for something like that to happen. i went into that date thinking that we were going to be doing things more like what gary had done on his records like "kold kage" - i didn't realize that we would be doing all standards. i really admire gary a lot and had a lot of fun playing with him that day. terry lynn carrington too.

best from pat