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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Michael Brecker
Category: Producing
From: Alessandro Marroni (Roma - Italy)

Dear Pat, I cannot stop listening to Michael Brecker's latest album. I think it's a fantastic record, one of the best jazz album in the last few years. My question is: given that the American songbook is so large, why don't you release another chapter? Thanks and good luck, Alessandro

Pat’s Answer:

thank you alessandro - i really appreciate it. that session was a real pleasure. mike, jack, herbie, charlie and i are all good friends and have worked together often over the years - to take a look at all that music in the ballad zone with that kind of specific intention was actually quite challenging. and on a production level, both steve rodby and myself had a lot of fun working on the project which from the production side was also fairly difficult in its way - at least to get it to the place that steve and i both seem to like. i am really happy you like it, and i agree, it would be nice to do a volume two - maybe someday.

best from pat