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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: The next phase, beats, loops, dance music, etc.
Category: General Questions
From: Tim  Rust (England, Leeds)

Dear Pat

I was just wondering if you've ever considered getting more involved in the "dance music scene". Your last couple of Group releases(I.D and W.L.H) have dabbled with loops and computer-generated beats and they sounded cool. It would seem a logical progression to move further into that electronic style of music.

Here in England there are some great artists such as "Squarepusher"(Jaco-esque bass over frenetic and meticulously precise drum-progranmming) who sounds like nothing else that's been before; and also "Aphex Twin" who produces some beautiful and melodic electronic music. I don't know if you've heard of these guys, but would love to see the Metheny sound develop into a similar melting pot of jazz and beats.

The recent remixes, in my mind, didn't do the originals much justice. Have you ever attempted or thought about remixing anybody else's work?

Thanks again for the magic you produce. If I won the National Lottery, I'd pay the group to tour Britain. A couple of days in London just isn't enough! Anyway, i'm off to buy that lottery ticket!



Pat’s Answer:

hi tim,

i don't really think too much about style or trends or anything - but i do feel that some of the things we were experimenting with on the past few records in the zones that you are talking about continue to be interesting. i am very aware of squarepusher and aphex twin and dig a lot of their stuff.

stay tuned.