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--- Oct 18 2006 Go to category
Subject: Eberhard weber
Category: Other Musicians
From: willard john (switzerland)

Do you forsee any more collaboration with eberhard.In your reply about the 'nordic sound'of Garbarek's music you mention how the musicians managed to comunicate something of their origins through the music.What do you think eberhard communicates?

Pat’s Answer:

hi willard,

i love eberhards music and just picked up his new record that came out recently. it has been a while since he last recorded and it was great to hear some new music from him. his music has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. we don't have anything planned together - in fact i haven't even seen him for a bunch of years, just an occasional meeting in the transit lounge of an airport now and then. but i always have fond memories of all the nights we spent together on the bandstand with gary burton and our many tours together.

to me, his music communicates colors and emotions - his sound and his note choices are so appealing to me. i think his record "the following morning" is still one of my favorite records of all time.

best from pat