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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Small crowds
Category: Touring
From: John Whatley (Asheville, NC)

I saw PMG last February for the first time in several years on the I.D. tour in Knoxville. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Ever! There was a blizzard coming (in which I drove back to NC thru the Smokey mtns at 3am...thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!) and the crowd was VERY small. Couldn't have even been 900 people in that beautiful theater, I guess. It was really strange to be a fan in that situation (where IS everybody?), but it was very cozy and intimate.

Do alot of empty seats freak out the band when that happens? I'm not talking about a small hall, but a small turn-out. Do you y'all play differently? Do you think about it when playing at first? It seemed as if the band was determined to be even better, but then I saw 2 other shows that tour and I realized that you guys are always that good! Please skip Knoxville and come to beautiful Asheville, NC next tour!! You would sell out our place.

Pat’s Answer:

we basically play for ourselves - i think you kind of have to in order to play well. it doesn't really matter if there are 5 people there or 100,000. however, i try to be considerate of the folks that are out there and what they had to go through to get there.

whenever we do have shows that are poorly attended - the one thing that usually is true is that someone ends up losing a bunch of money; it could be me, it could be the promoter. and i also means that we probably won't be able to tour in that area again for a long time in the future. so, it's not really something that i can honestly say doesn't matter, because i want to keep things going if i can. but as far as how we play, it doesn't really affect it.