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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: polish tour thoughts
Category: Touring
From: Bernadeta  Borzucka (Zory,Poland)

hi Pat, I saw your last show in Poland,on April 25.I CAN'T find appropriate words to express how much IT changed my life.I had been a great fan of yours for years but now I am simply mad. I had a chance to talk to Philip and Jeff before the SHOW.Then I got your authograph-another dream came true!!! Then ,when you were on your way to the hotel you looked at our car-as it was the last one in the car park. What an experience!!!My question...How do you find Polish audience?Do you like playing for us?When can we expect you again?Hopefully soon.Merry Christmas and a Fruitful 1999. Love, Bernadeta

Pat’s Answer:

poland is a special place for us. we first visited there in in 1985, and we had such a good time, with a warm greeting from the public there that was really something new for us. and every chance we have had to return to poland has been special - it has been so interesting to watch the country change over these past years - each trip is like seeing the next step in an ongoing metamorphosis. i hope we will always get invitations to come there and play. it has also become a very important market for us now - i think it is the fifth biggest market for us in the world now or something like that......