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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Attila Zoller
Category: Other Musicians
From: Peter Antonyi (Eger, Hungary)

Hello Pat,

I have 2 questions about Attila Zoller.

(1) Which is your favourite album by him?

(2) Are you planning to release a tribute album dedicated to him and his music?

Thanks for remembering him and playing 'Birds and Bees' at the Budapest concert in April. It was beautiful.

Best, Peter Antonyi

Pat’s Answer:

attila was a very important person in my life - he was the only real "guitar teacher" i ever had. he kind of took me under his wing at a very young age (i think i was 14 when i met him) and he invited me to stay with him in nyc a few years after that and introduced me to a lot of musicians who made a huge impact on my life.

my favorite attila record is probably one called "the horizon beyond" with pianist don friedman. but all of his records were unique - they all had something special. there was another one i really liked with lee konitz and martial solal called - ZOKOMA i believe that was really nice.

as far as a tribute goes, on the duet record that jim hall and i just made, we played attila's tune "the birds and the bee's".m i think it is one of the best things on the record actually. it will be out in february. he was a good friend for both of us and we miss him.