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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: the drum score
Category: Participating Musicians
From: bob evans (colorado springs, co)

1st let me say "thanks" fro a great '98! A new album, and I got to see you twice, once with the PMG and then with the Trio. It doesn't get any better then this! The question, when you are composing, how detailed is the Paul's part? Do you write it out beat-by-beat or do you just give him an idea of what you are looking for? Thanks! bob

Pat’s Answer:

hi bob

like with everyone in the group, we write out a pretty specific lead sheet that we all follow, but everyone uses that as a guide to invent their own parts. especially in pauls case, the lead sheet is just a guide for the form. so much of what the drummers job is is to define the dynamics of the piece and to make the general shape of it come alive. there would really be almost no way to write all that out - it is really more an interpretation of a score that we are looking for than a specific part. very occasionally we will have literal things that he has to play, like the stuff at the end of "the end of the game" on first circle - and of course he has to make all the hits and accents the music demand and incorporate them into his part. but beyond that- it is up to him.