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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: The Internet
Category: General Questions
From: Dee Traxler (madison, wi usa)

Hey Pat!! This is so cool, it kinda answers my question already-but anyway, with the Internet being in its infancy, it seems like there are huge changes coming in the way we can receive information, musically or otherwise. It is a great forum to introduce people to you, the band, and the music who maybe wouldn't have access to you otherwise, given the state of radio in this day and age (at least here in the states). But it also kinda seems like a double edge sword in other ways, as far as bootlegging goes, and the privacy thing too. What do you think? Will it be good thing for the music in the long run? Will it help people to get what it is you've been doing for the past 20 plus years? It was great to see you in Chicago this summer, greater still that you remembered me after all these years! You're the BEST!! Dee

Pat’s Answer:

hi dee,

well, i think what we think of now as the "internet" will be so radically different from this (what we are doing right now) that it will be totally unrecognizable. i do think it will help musicians like us, who really fall in the cracks of mainstream culture.

the privacy thing, the bootleg thing, and unimaginable other things are of concern - but we better get used to it - it's coming!!!