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--- Jul 12 2000 Go to category
Category: General Questions
From: Gregory Dillard (West Palm Beach, Fla.)

Hello Pat, This is Gregory Dillard again. I am the one that keeps inquiring about PMG being released on DVD. Pat, I watch your concerts of Secret Story, More Travels, and We Live Here Live on laserdisc at least 6-10 times out of the week. Everyone that's a friend of mine and that has come into contact with me falls in love with your music. Here's the key of my success to this. I have a home theater, and I always show Secret Story and We Live Here on laserdisc, having them listening to it in Dolby Surround. I go through a paramount of a presentation telling them that they cannot help, but love this music. 99.8% of the time I am successful. I guess you are wondering what I am leading to. I'll say first that over the past five months you have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, and this past Saturday on VH-1. All are popular networks that everyone is familar with that has a televison. Pat, believe in your heart that you DO have the audience to release live concerts on DVD. With television advertising behind this venture it would and could definetly work. I see the commercials now,"COME ON DOWN TO BEST BUY TO PURCHASE ONE OF THE GREATEST CONCERTS LIVE ON DVD. THE PAT METHENY GROUP!!!!!!!" I know that may not be one of your main concerns because the music industry can be so screwed up at times, but I feel as though everyone that reads this will echo my sentiments as well. Do you ever see how much advertisement can do to a brand or a musician? I am willing to stand in a chain retail account and hand sell the first "IMAGINARY DAY LIVE IN CONCERT", for the group because I could sell milk to a cow!! I anxiously await your response because my friends think that you will never respond to this question, but I told them that you would because that is just the type of individual that you are. Your greatest fan GD.

Pat’s Answer:

hi greg,

wow, you are really enthusiastic! that's great!

well, we are working on something that i think you are going to like, which is a kind of ultimate home movie of the imaginary day tour directed by our illustrious and talented bassist, steve rodby. he is busy slaving over his new mac g4 and final cut pro - and is making something really really cool come alive. so, stay tuned, i think you are going to really dig it. it will be like being on the bandstand with us - especially in 5.1!!!

(and there is also the 5.1 surround sound version digital audio DVD remix of the imaginary studio album itself that is ready to go - AS SOON AS THEY FIGURE OUT THE STANDARD FOR THE PLAYERS!! (we have been waiting more than a year now for this!! but it is unbelievable - especially that recording)

best from pat