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--- Mar 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Every Day (I thank You)
Category: Inspiration
From: Felipe  de Souza (New York City/USA)

Pat, I have been thinking about writting to you for a while, and...I'm shy and nervous just to think that you actually might be reading this... Sometime ago I had the previledge to play for you in that concert at Berklee when you received the honorary doctor. I was the Brazilian with the String Quartet that played Jaco. That was one of the most fullfilling moments of my life. I have been listening to you since my teenage years... You made a major impact on my decison of becoming a musician...and then you were there listening to me...Wow!!!! Oh, the question...I have so many music questions...specially now that you are dealing with fretless... I love that sound and all the others... but mostly I see you as a great person in and out of stage. I think that Charlie Haden's quote " ...I teel my students that if they want to become great musicians, they have to strive to become a good person. And if they do that, then maybe they might become a good musician..." reflects greatly on you...and I have been striving and practicing like you recommend... Oh, the question...actually, don't mind my questions for now... I think I was just making an excuse to thank you!!! Thank you very much once again!!! Big Hug!!! Felipe

Pat’s Answer:

hi felipe,

well, this response is REALLY late - i am only getting this several years after that night in boston! so i have no idea if you will ever see this - but i remember your performance really well'; i thought it was one of the highlights of the concert. i hope you are having great luck with everything in your life as a musician and i am really happy that you have enjoyed the music so much over the years.

muito obrigado from pat m.