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--- Jun 10 2000 Go to category
Subject: Vocalists
Category: Other Musicians
From: Toni B. (Seattle, WA USA)

Hi Pat! I've been a PMG fan for over 15 years -- I addition to enjoying your group efforts, I especially liked your work on Abby Lincoln's "A Turtle's Dream" release. My favorite contemporary "jazz" vocalist is Cassandra Wilson. Is there any chance that you might collaborate with Ms. Wilson in the near future -- I'm sure that the music would be awesome. Keep up the wonderful work -- thank you for your continued commitment to your fans!

Pat’s Answer:

hi toni,

i really loved the experience of working with abbey, she has always been one of my favorites, same with cassandra, who i did play with on her last record for one track (blue and green). in fact, those two are probably my favorites. there is a new singer on the scene here in ny that i really like named claudia acuna - she has her first record out. there is something very natural and pure about her voice and her way of approaching music that i really admire. i think she has a chance to really do something cool in her music.

thanks for writing from pat