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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: Rob & David
Category: Producing
From: Jeff Dennerline (USA)

As a person who's sat behind a console for most of my life, I was wondering how you picked Rob Eaton to engineer your albums after working so long with Jan Erik? Also, I know that David Oakes mixes you live (and does an incredible job the times I've heard you!, what is his role in the studio? He truely has a great job, as very few engineers can transition between studio and live work. Finally, do you enjoy the studio or is it a necessary evil, and do you consider yourself too picky in the studio. I've been a fan for 20 years...Thanks for the great music! (And if you ever need a monitor engineer, I'd work cheap!)

Pat’s Answer:

hi jeff,

both rob eaton and david oakes have been invaluable allys for me for going on 20 years now. both of them are major contributors to the work that i have been able to accomplish in the studio (with rob especially) and on the road AND in the studio (with david especially). simply put, they both have great ears and are really ready to put all of their attention and energy into the process of defining whatever a particular project (or night on the road) seems to be demanding sonically - and rising to the occasion with some kind of a great musical solution. the word MUSICAL is the operative one here - while both of them are capable of talking gear til the cows come home, in the end it is all about what sounds good that matters.

on a personal note, i have to add that rob eaton is pretty amazing case in all departments - there are very few people i have met who have the abilities to excel in so many areas like he does. in addition to being an incredibly gifted and versatile recording engineer (he was doing ricky martin's new album while mixing trio>live on his off days!) - he is also an incredble performer and guitarist in the "dark star orchestra" that is traveling around now, an amazing golfer, he thought about playing pro ball, he used to be a pro ski instructor, etc - and he does it all great. in fact, i believe that it is his excellence away from the board that makes his engineering skills stand out so much - he really informs his work with a bunch of stuff from outside - it isn't just knobs and wires. i feel really lucky to have worked with him over all these years.