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--- Jun 10 2000 Go to category
Subject: Question and Answer
Category: Recordings
From: Reid  Tamashiro (Waipahu, U.S.)

This is one of my favorite albums of all time, but I was kinda irritated and frustrated by the way Dave Holland was recorded. His beautiful and poweful sound sounds dampened and far in the back. Do you agree? or are you happy with the way he was recorded? If not, is there anything that can be done to change this?

Pat’s Answer:

hi reid,

a lot of people say this - so it must be true. it appears that it is something that happened in the mastering, not the mixing. within the next few years, the masters of all the geffen years stuff will revert back to us - this is already happening with lyle's records - like with the mays stuff, we will remaster them and re-release them. i am pretty sure that q and a especially will sound quite a bit better. i have found, however, if you just eq your system a bit, you can get it to sound pretty good - but, i agree, you shouldn't have to do that.

best from pat