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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: this isn't amerika
Category: Specific Tunes
From: David Carlton (usa)

Hi Pat, thanks so much for getting back to me on the instrumental version of 'america' issue. since then, i've run into a new development. . .

I recently ran across a cd from CD101 (the smooth jazz station in NYC) called 'Hard to Find'. Surprisingly, there was the forementioned song listed in the titles. It was certainly an instrumental version but it wasn't the same one as on the 45'. (That one seems to be an exact duplicate as the vocal version without David's vocals.) I'm not sure if the cd is a promotional item that's only available through the station or not. I'll check it out. Thanks again. . .for everything :-)

Pat’s Answer:

hi david,

yes, there was a version on the b-side of the TINA single that was basically just the PMG track minus david. i always liked both versions, both were mixed by bob clearmountain - a great engineer - but there was something especially cool about the band only one. we made a big goof by not including that on the soundtrack album, as far as i know the only place to find it is on the back of the single.

maybe it is time to brush of "this is not america" again - with a new dedication to the events following nov. 7.....