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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: The Fields, The Sky
Category: Specific Tunes
From: David Fike (Virginia)

Hey Pat, for one reason or another this tune is one of my all time favorites. Maybe not for complexity, phrasing or anything like that, but just the visual images it sort of brings out. Actually I first heard it riding the bullet train (shinkansen) in Japan- a really cool way to listen to music looking out the window with a kickass aiwa headset. Anyhow, I'm interested because I've never really heard this tune mentioned or played in any other setting than on the Travels cd. No one seems to bring it up- I'm I the only one? :) Over the years has this one stayed intact over time in your opinion? -and when was it written, where, etc.? Thanks for all the thoughtful music again Pat!- regards, Dave Fike

Pat’s Answer:

hi david,

thanks. that tune is an interesting one in the form sense in that it started out with the improvised part and then led to the written material. it was a challenge to do that and make it all feel melodically connected - knowing where you were going to end up before you started. i agree, it is a piece that is really about a feeling. it was written upstate in ny, just sitting there thinking. glad you liked it!

best from pat