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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: joao/george benson
Category: Other Musicians
From: zizi  possi (Botogao Brasil)

Have you ever thought of working with George Benson or Joao Gilberto? I heard you were performing somewhere when George showed up to see and hear you play and when you saw him in the audience you were a little stunned? His comment afterwards was that you are a genius. I did not get a chance to ask him if he would consider working with you in the future. But I am curious. I would love to see you both or hear something from you two. muito beijos

Pat’s Answer:

hi zizi,

both joao and george benson are really favorites of mine and always have been. joao doesn't need anybody!! just by himself, he is an orchestra, the sand, the sea, the mountains - everything!

yes, george has come to see me play - and yes, i was stunned. he is one of the greatest musicians to ever address the guitar as a serious jazz instrument - and he certainly is one of the major forces in the evolution of what is possible to do with the ax. his sound, his tone, the way that he plays with the drums are all just fantastic. he is someone that i always make a point of going to hear if we are on the same festival or something. besides all that, i know there are people who moan about the fact that he sings so much - but, i love his singing almost as much or more than i love his guitar playing. i guess, you can see - i am a big fan. as far as playing together goes - i think i would just let him have it, and go off to the audience and enjoy the master - then go home and practice picking all night long!