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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: Earth Wind & Fire
Category: Other Musicians
From: Jeremy  Jensen (Salt Lake City, Utah)

-My brother and I had the evening of our lifes at your LA show at the Universal Ampatheater in February of '98. First, because the ID show was . . . . indescribable. And second, we were able to meet and talk with you and your friends from Earth Wind & Fire. - Meeting you and them on the same night was a dream come true.

-I'm curious, what is your background with those guys and what do you love about their music and the soul/funk genre in general?

-Many thanks Pat!

Pat’s Answer:

thanks jeremy,

that was a great night - and it was a thrill that all of those guys came out to hear us. we know each other as musicians that travel as much as we both do that tend to run into each other in airports and hotels over the years - and i have always found those guys to be among the nicest people out there.

their music has always had a very special place for me - "after the love is gone" was probably the last time that any pop/r & b artist ever managed (attempted?) to get anything that harmonically sophisticated out there to the masses via the top 40. but what makes them so special to me is the spiritual feeling that they were able to convey in the form of pop music - stevie wonder also had this same rare quality, by any standards, musical or otherwise, there was always so much there to love. i'm glad they are still out there hitting it....