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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: Favorite guitarists
Category: Other Musicians
From: Troy Model (Plainsboro/NJ)


Who are your 10 favorite guitarists in order ?


Pat’s Answer:

wow, that is one of those answers that changes just about every single day. but i can give today's list!!

wes montgomery

kenny burrell

jimmy raney

billy bean

django reinhardt

jim hall

john scofield

joe diorio

bill frisell

mick goodrick

but then there is....

jimi hendrix

derek bailey

jeff beck

wayne krantz

kurt rosenwinckel

joni mitchell

james taylor

julian bream

and i could literally go on and on and on.....

that is pretty much just who i have listened to in the past week or so. there are so many great players in all styles out there - and when someone sounds good, i usually really dig it. on the other hand, as critical as i am of my own thing, i can also be that way of everyone else too (except wes) - but i usually am able just say "shut up!" to myself and sit back and enjoy the music!