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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Lennie Tristano
Category: Other Musicians
From: Jon Stone (Boston, MA)

Have you ever gotten into any of the "Crosscurrent" material on Capitol from '49? It's reputed to contain the first truly "free" recordings on record, and something about those tunes reminds of your totally improvised "Quartet" offering. Any thoughts on Lennie and his sidemen's playing?

Pat’s Answer:

hi jon,

i have always wanted to spend some time really studying the tristano approach in more detail - i have to admit this is an area in jazz development that i have only rudimentary knowledge. i have heard a lot of his music and have always been impressed by what they were going for at a point in time where it must have seemed pretty extreme within the context of what everyone else was doing. i will hopefully get to it someday soon. i always admired billy bauer on many of those recordings.

best from pat