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--- Jan 05 2001 Go to category
Subject: Unity Village
Category: Early Experiences
From: Roxanne Ivey (Atlanta, GA)

So MUCH gratitude, so little space! Pat, I discovered your music about the same time I discovered Unity. But it wasn't until years later, after my first visit to the Village, that I came to know you were from Lee's Summit. I am amazed by the fact that the two things which nurture me the most spiritually began in the same place. I've heard "Unity Village" and also noticed the picture of it on a CD cover collage; does the place or the philosophy hold any special meaning for you? (I've often imagined you playing from the top of the favorite place :)

Pat’s Answer:

hi roxanne,

the place (unity village, mo.) holds a lot of very special memories for me - one of my grandfather's jobs as an early resident of nearby lee's summit was working at unity. and pretty much every summer of my youth was spent at unity - at the pool and just running around the beautiful gardens while my older brother mike was featured in the unity band. (that was how we got the passes to to the pool!) the fillmore family was always close with ours (a few generations now - connie went to highschool with my brother and was the girlfriend of a very important musician in our life - pianist john mckee) and rosemary rhea remains a good friend to my parents to this day. regarding the philosophy, believe it or not, i don't know all that much about it - it never seemed as important to me as whatever that reality was that was so clearly manifested as you passed inside the gates to the property. so, maybe indirectly, yes - i have been affected by it.