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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: Ovation Nylon String
Category: Guitars
From: Dave Dewey (San Diego, USA)

Hi Again Pat!

I was somewhat surprised back in the Eighties to see you playing an Ovation "Classical" onstage. It seems many "guitar purists" and luthiers tend to look down on Ovations for a variety of real and imagined reasons. I like Ovations for a number of reasons: they seem to be well-built and well-tempered, they are very well behaved through a PA/monitor system, and you can set up the action to be very fast. The only "bad" thing I can say is that they don't have that deep, "woody" Martin/Guild/Taylor sound. I can only assume you have to be careful about appearing to endorse a certain manufacturer in this forum, but can you tell us what it was you liked and disliked about the Ovation? Thanks again Pat...hope you have (or had) a great holiday!

Pat’s Answer:

hi dave,

i am always kind of amazed when i hear people put down ovations as well - to me they are more than good instruments. they have a very particular sound, are generally very well intonated (i find this often to be a problem, even on very expensive handmade instruments), and they are virtually indestructable. i always have one laying around the house just to try things on - and if i can get it to sound good on there, it usually translates well to whatever axe it ends up on in the end.