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--- Dec 29 2000 Go to category
Subject: How Insensitive
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Jan  Dekker (UK)

Hi Pat,

I have been going to your UK shows every tour since First Circle - favourite show being Shepherds Bush Empire, closely followed by Cambridge Corn Exchange (any chance you'll come back to the latter?) A big highlight of the shows for me is How Insensitive. Is there any chance of this winding up on a record at some stage? Thank-you for the music.

Pat’s Answer:

hi jan,

thanks - i have playing how insensitive probably at least once a day since i was 12 years old - it is simply one of my favorite songs ever. i think i could just play that song all night long and find millions of new things about it, i find it's stucture and narrative endlessly replenishing. i am probably going to have stop myself from including it in future tours, because i have played it so much over the past years - but i would never get tired of it!

as far as recordings go - that would be a tough one!! to settle on "a" version would be really hard for me...but, who knows.

best from pat