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--- Dec 11 2006 Go to category
Subject: More Travels Nylon String Solo
Category: Specific Tunes
From: Marc Silver (Chicago/USA)

Pat, are your nylon string solo pieces (like from More Travels) available in written form? Also, do you ever use alternate tunings on these pieces or are they always standard tuning? I love your deceptively simple, harmonically rich voicings. I am able to figure out good chunks of these solo pieces, but there are always important parts that aren't quite right. The written music to these pieces would really help fill in the gaps. Thanks for your inspirational playing and writing.


Pat’s Answer:

hi marc,

thanks so much. that particular piece was improvised at the time using standard tuning. there have been a bunch of transcriptions of it floating around but we have not put one out officially. generally i am thinking more in terms of harmony than guitar voicings. when i start a line, i try to let it finish in a natural way if i can. i am really glad you like the music.

best from pat