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--- Mar 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Missing solos live
Category: Improvisation/Soloing
From: Paul Berger (Lake Forest, IL)

Pat, I noticed that on the WLH tour, when you played Half-Life Of Absolution and Episode D'azur, you didn't solo on either tune. I was wondering what was the reason for that, since I love your solos on the recorded versions. Was it in the interest of time, or did you decide to sit out the solos?

Pat’s Answer:

hi paul,

there is always a challenge for me when putting together a set for the pmg for a tour to try to cover as much ground as possible and still keep the show under about 5 hours! whenever i "cut" anything, it is usually about that, just trying to keep the focus of the narrative flow of the whole night as a first priority and still get in the essential things that need to be there to make each tune do what it is supposed to do. believe me, i would rather just play the 5 hour set and not cut anything! maybe next time....

best from pat