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--- Mar 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Steve Morse
Category: Other Musicians
From: Daniel  Miguel (Portugal)

Hi Pat

You'be been one of my biggest influences in music both as a player and a musician. The other great one (for me)is Steve Morse. I know you and him played together while you were both at the University of Miami. What do you think of Steve? Was it clear at that time that he'd become the all-rounded player we've grown to love? Again thank you so much for your inspiration and for your music. You concert here in Oporto, Portugal last May (the 19th) was outstanding. CARPE DIEM


Pat’s Answer:

hi daniel,

let me put it like this; the first day i arrived in miami (i had just turned 18 a few weeks before and had hardly been anywhere outside of missouri in my life), i heard steve morse and about had a heart attack. i heard jaco pastorius on the second day there and i think i DID have a heart attack. by the next day, i was afraid to leave my room! i was about ready to get back on the bus back to lee's summit!

i was thinking, "there must be people like these guys EVERYWHERE!!"

as it turns out, they were both one in billion type players, as we all know now. the thing about steve was, and is, the incredibly rare juxtaposition of this amazing classical guitar technique and conception (especially his contrapuntal thing which i have never heard anyone else do) with "southern rock" - of all things!! the guy loved the allman brothers but wrote solo guitar compositions that were at the same level as leo brower and had a sense of harmony that really, i to this day have never heard anything to compare with - just absolutely unique. and being truly unique may be the most rare quality in the music world.

there was never any question that he would go onto to do the great things that he has done. and he is great person too, who has done many interesting things OUTSIDE of music (he actually became a commercial airline pilot for awhile). i don't see him much, but whenever i do, we just take up where we left off before. a great cat...

thanks for writing in,

best from pat