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--- Apr 28 2001 Go to category
Subject: Steve Swallow
Category: Other Musicians
From: Rich M (Phila PA USA)

I saw you in New York at the Ritz in 1989. A sax man I was working with was playing with Jamaaladeen Tecuma on the same bill as you and Jack Bruce. It was a varied and unusual mix of music(GREAT). The duo you did with Steve S was terrific. Are there plans to record a duo with him??? I have the album you did with Charlie Haden, which I really enjoy. Thanks, RICH

Pat’s Answer:

hi rich,

that was the one and only time that swallow and i ever did a duet concert - and i have to admit that i find myself thinking about how much fun that night was often. swallow is not only one of my favorite musicians of all time, but he is a huge influence and also one of the people on earth that i admire and love the most. his impact on me during the three years that we played together with gary burton was monumental on a whole bunch of levels. i really miss playing with him and it is rare that we even see each other - but whenever we do, we kind of take up right where we left off. i would love to do something special again with him someday soon!!