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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Debuting New Music
Category: General Questions
From: Jazz Online (sf,ca)

I recall being one of the lucky few to have been present at the Nightstage in Cambridge, MA, for a run of shows during which you debuted music for your yet-to-be recorded (or named for that matter!) album, 'Letter from Home.' I have always felt that it was an innovative idea of yours to preview your music live for a general admission audience prior to actually committing it to digital. Thus my question...

I have always wondered how you felt about that experience in retrospect. Did you feel it was beneficial from the standpoint of cutting the disc, did you enjoy it and would you do it again?

Pat’s Answer:

of course i remember those gigs very well. we had just written all the stuff for the record and wanted to try it out. we used nando lauria as a sub for pedro aznar during those days cause pedro was doing a tour in argentina.

as i said in one of the earlier answers, i've always tried to play the music live for awhile before recording it. as i recall, we did those few nights at the "nightstage", then took a few weeks to change stuff and write some more, then we did a short 2 week tour of small college gigs and then went into the studio. it worked well, it was about the right amount of preparation to freshness. i would definitely do it again and probably will.