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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Last Train Home
Category: Recordings
From: GLEN SANFORD (Valencia, CA)

Pat, I would like to know the history of this song. I have been listening to your music for years. Unfortunately, I have not seen you in concert. This song is such a powerful song. I could listen to it forever. I get up in the morning to it. Need to know when you are in the Southern California area. Thanks for your time.

Pat’s Answer:

hi glen,

that tune certainly has had an interesting time of it. as sometimes happens, it came very quickly - i think it was written as one complete phrase, with the bridge coming at a later date.

one thing that is interesting about that tune from my perspective is that it probably one of the hardest, if not the hardest tune in our book to improvise on. we have other pieces like "heat of the day" that have these complex soloing forms or a piece like "lakes" that has more changes per bar and stuff. but "last train home" has a few qualities as a piece that demand an improvisation that at least approaches the detail of the melody itself - and in that particular case, it is not an easy thing to do night after night.

thanks for listening and i am happy you enjoy that tune,

best from pat