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--- Apr 28 2001 Go to category
Subject: beyond the Missouri Sky
Category: Recordings
From: Kaj Szyszkiewicz (Sweden)

I just got your's and mr Haden's record a week ago.. I had read a lot about it and just quickly listened through it, and as a guitarist and listener I have waited a long time for a duo record with you and mr Haden.

I got home and listened to some tunes and when I went to sleep later I listened to the last three tunes.

And man, I couldn't sleep one minute that night. When I got to the last tune, Spiritual, it totally sent me away. I just listened to it for hours and hours. On this tune, you both create maybe the most honest music I have ever heard.

So first of all I would like to thank you very much for making this record which allthrough is truly one of the most beautiful, honest and inspiring recordings I have ever heard.

Also I would like you to tell some things about your inspiration and feelings about this record. Favourite tune maybe..

Hope to see you in Sweden soon..


Pat’s Answer:

hi kaj,

thanks so much for your comments. it is really interesting to me how that record has become one of the ones that seems to have really become a favorite for many people. it was done in such a casual way and really was kind of an extension of the ongoing conversations that charlie and i have been having for years on and off the bandstand. i probably have more comments from the people that really like this record than from any other group - and often i notice that this record reaches people who may not follow each and every release that comes out from the jazz community or even from our little corner of it. it seems that many people have heard about it via word of mouth - it was never (and still isn't) really promoted that much by the record company, yet it continues to sell almost as much now as it did when it first came out. i have to admit, that it is a real favorite of mine for just the fact that charlie kind of got me to focus on a few aspects of what i could do with a guitar that i had never really focused on to that degree in one sitting before. i learned a lot from the experience. i am really happy you enjoy it.

best from pat