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--- Aug 13 2001 Go to category
Subject: Tower Records Award you received in Boston on 3/17/95
Category: General Questions
From: Bill Krauss (NY, NY (USA))

Dear Pat,

First off, let me get my gushing out of the way, for the way your music makes me feel -- there are no words.

Now, to the matter at hand. I read your response to someone who asked you about your view on "smooth jazz"; as far as I'm concerned. I agree with your view completely, and I have two anecdotes to describe how your ingenious creations and your world-class talent have been juxtaposed in such a manner as to make me want to puke.

I remember listening to WLIR (92.7) in NY when "As Falls Wichita . . ." was released. At the time, the station played mostly rock, but my introduction to your music was "Ozark". Ray White was the D.J. who played the song. Now, 18 or so years after the fact, he is a D.J. (or was a D.J.) on CD 101.9, a station which rarely (thank God) plays your music. Although I know that your calling in life includes constant self-improvement and sharing your gift with as much of the world as can appreciate your gift, the thought of hearing one of your (including PMG) songs followed by some wuss crap by Kenny G or some other insignificant, misguided soul, leaves me nauseous. I remember hearing a cut from "Parallel Realities" on CD 101.9, but alas, those are days long gone.

One more Item. I was fortunate enough to have gotten a hair cut on Newbury Street approximately one-half hour before you received the above-mentioned award. I ran around to find the closest disposable camera, and I was fortunate to meet you and have my picture taken with you. Now that is serendipity! Regarding your temperment: I have never met anyone who has his or her ego in control in the manner in which you have achieved, because if I had your talent, I would probably be so full of myself that I would be totally unlikeable. Anyway, Tower Records unvailed a "monument" celebrating your contribution to the world's body of music, and you were very gracious in receiving the award, yet the thing that irked me was that your name is seemingly forever ensconced next to "monuments" which celebrate The New Kids on the Block and Aerosmith. Talk about taking the bad with the good. Anyway, I saw the Group at the Orpheum that night (We Live Here Tour), the show was fantastic, and I suppose that is all that really matters.

I know that you can compose it, record it, put it in the marketplace, and have it be "consumed". After that, other than the occasional copyright infringements, it's out of your hands. Fortunately, anybody who knows of PM or PMG knows how to separate that which is worthy of being in a time capsule from that which truly deserves to be on the ground for the mere purpose of being stepped-upon.

Thank you for the Joy you have given me.


Pat’s Answer:

hi bill,

a truly entertaining rant! thanks for taking the time to write in - your listening and interest in the music is much appreciated.

best from pat