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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Titles & Seatless Halls
Category: General Questions
From: Cold Fingers (sf,ca)

Pat I recall in an article you stating that titling was your least favorite or most difficult ( or something like that, definately paraphrasing here) aspect of songwriting.

Also, has the group played many venues without seats in the floor section and if so do you guys think it's a good idea. Thanx for your time

Pat’s Answer:

well, it probably isn't the hardest part, but maybe the area that we are least qualified in since its about words and not about music. it is actually kind of fun to come up with titles, even if it is difficult.

personally, i love venues where there are no seats on the floor area. it's always much more enjoyable for us and we always play better in that kind of setting -a standing crowd is so much more involved and alive. also, the people who really want to be close to the stage can get there. what we noticed this year, especially here in america, is that it seems like when everyone is really comfortable in their seats, audiences can get really passive and revert to the peculiar 90's thing of bringing a kind of "couch potato" mentality to the concert hall. there were a few nights we were afraid some audience members here in the states were going to bring their channel changers with them and turn us off! (in between their constant trips to the bathroom, bar etc. right in the middle of tunes.) this was something i saw a lot of you complaining about too. interestingly this was never a problem in europe, whether seated or standing.