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--- Oct 18 2006 Go to category
Subject: amplifiers
Category: General Musical Conception
From: Phil Kirby (Tetbury, UK)

Having recently tried out an Ibanez PM100 and found it to be a beautifully crafted instrument - though probably beyond my means at the moment - I was wondering what amplification you prefer to put it through. I guess you're using a rack system at the group gigs, but if you were to choose an amp for the guitar, what would it be?

Cheers, Phil.

Pat’s Answer:

hi phil,

one of the things that is really nice about those guitars is that you play them through just about any amp and they sound good. they are very consistent and even from top to bottom and as you say are simply well-crafted instruments. they sound especially good with a polytone or clarus amp but i have had good results even with something as basic as a fender twin.

best from pat