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--- Aug 14 2001 Go to category
Subject: travel
Category: Inspiration
From: bill  watson (usa)

Hi Pat,

strange question: having had a deep connection to your music for 20 years now, I have come to understand that, for me, your music takes me (very specifically) to the midwestern US where my family used to take long car trips, driving through the middle of the night, when I was a kid.

They were always exciting for me because I saw another part of the world, a different view of life. It didn't much matter where we went. I was the only one (besides my dad) who stayed awake the entire trip -- I thought I'd miss something -- and I remember vividly the big dark skies, the smell of summer night air and sight of faraway heat lightning, the endless landscapes (what was life like on the other side of that fence, in that town, down that road?).

Your music brings me to those memories every time I listen to it (the Wichita album especially). It draws me to the sky, to the big midwestern expanse. So my question is this: was travel a meaningful part of your childhood, and if so, does it consciously influence your musical creativity today? And thanks for your (and the group's) continued contribution to my, and many others', life and spirit.

Pat’s Answer:

hi bill,

i would say that we share that thing pretty much exactly -- your description of it could be mine. since my family lived pretty far away from anything - we were in the car a lot. i do find myself referring often to those early memories -- musically and otherwise. glad you are enjoying the music after all this time.

best from pat