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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Salt Lake City
Category: Touring
From: Jeff Hubbard (sf,ca)

Pat, I also was at the Salt Lake show recently, and I'm really curious to know what you thought of the gig, audience, etc. Ordinarily, this would be a rather self-serving question, but since it had been such a long time since your last show here (14 years, by your own admission), I wanted to know if the response exceeded your expectations, and perhaps changed your mind about SLC, if indeed it needed changing. Incidentally, the show was amazing, and the only bummer for me was not meeting you. Well, next time - and I hope next time isn't so far off!

Pat’s Answer:

the salt lake show was great and the audience was fantastic. i don't exactly know why it took that long for a return trip there. i'll use this question to the many folks who wonder why we never seem to come to their town or skipped it this time or that time. usually when we don't play a place for a long time it is a) because there is no promoter willing to take the risk to bring us there b) there is not enough interest to warrant a gig there or most usually c) that the "routing" problems of getting to a place make it prohibitive to make it cost effective. i really don't know the exact detail of slc, but whatever they were, i am just glad that we finally got there again!!