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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Grateful Dead
Category: General Questions
From: Mark G. (sf,ca)

I just noticed a few posts in hear with questions/comments about The Grateful Dead. Being a long time Deadhead and not quite so long a fan of your music I am curious to know your thought about the Dead's brand of improvisation. Though not strictly "Jazz" the Dead IMHO was one of the great improvisational bands of this or any time. I know you don't agree with the philosophy they had of going out and playing a different set of tunes every night. Any other thought/comments ? In any case all the best Pat

Pat’s Answer:

honestly, i don't really know much about the grateful dead. i did meet bob weir recently who was playing with my friend bruce hornsby and he seemed like a nice guy. the guy who records all of our records, rob eaton, is a real expert on the dead and he has played me a few things that sounded good, especially some really early stuff. but in general, i sort of don't really get it. as far as being "one of the great improvisational bands of this or any time." i guess i haven't heard the right stuff yet. i know a lot of people really like them.