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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Remixes
Category: General Questions
From: Camila L. Pavanelli (brazil)

Dear Pat: did you like the remixes of the songs from ID? Do you like this kind of music,specifically? By the way, thanks for taking your time for answering our questions! Best regards from a Brazilian fan. :-)

Pat’s Answer:

the remixes came from an idea that was suggested by a guy who lives in england named "goldie". apparently he is a big fan of our music, and has talked in the press for many years about how much our stuff has been a part of his life and has influenced him. word of this got to the warners people in england (where goldie is a big star), and he agreed to do a tune from id - his choice being across the sky. we really had nothing to do with it, other than providing him with a kind of stripped down version of the tracks to work with. i was very curious what he would come up with - and was pretty happy with what he did - it really has his signature on it and is quite a different take on what that tune could be. the other remix, of roots of coincidence, i have to say, i don't exactly get. it seems like that tune could offer so much potential for someone to do something hip with - kind of a missed opportunity.