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--- Jan 05 2013 Go to category
Subject: Stanley Clarke
Category: Other Musicians
From: Terry Lark (Los Angeles/USA)

I loved your work on Tony Williams' "Wilderness" album. I've been listening to you for parts of 3 decades now, and most of the bassists that you've worked with were pretty much straight foward jazz musicians in the sense that they rarely diviated to far from the melody of the tunes that they performed on. Knowing that Stanley Clarke cwn both support and lead a group both with superiority, how does his musical style intersect with your's? Would you consider, or have you consider, doing more work with Stanley?

Pat’s Answer:

Hi Terry, Thanks for that. I have always felt that that record was really underrated. Tony wrote some great music for it and I really enjoyed playing with Stanley. That was the only chance I ever had to play with him and I have always been a big fan of his. I hope to get the chance again.