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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Autograph Question & Favorite Actors
Category: General Questions
From: Amy S. (n/a)

This may sound silly, but I have been a fan of yours since the New Chatauqua album. (That was not silly - this next part is.) You were kind enough to sign your autograph on 2 CDs for me after the Lisner concert in November of 1997. You signed each as follows: P H Metheny.What does the H stand for? I read the jazz magazines and your bios and I have never seen any mention of your middle name. Thank you for fabulous ID concerts at Lisner and Wolftrap.We had a great time. You also said you watch a lot of videos on the road. What type of films? Current or from other decades? Do you have favorite actors?

Pat’s Answer:

i think that "h" must have supposed to have been the "at" part of "pat", since i never sign just the initials. for the record, my middle name is bruce. just like in music, i like all kinds of films. favorite actors? william holden, dustin hoffman, robert duvall, deniro, sean penn, paul newman, etc.