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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: BAM, Painting & Ozark
Category: General Questions
From: Keenya G. (n/a)

Bam (Brooklyn Academy of Music) is a great venue. It has three halls for you to choose from.It also has a mini theatre called the BAM Majestic! The Majestic is this old but charming hall. It has been fully restored (standing since 1910). It has great acoustics and its truly a beautiful venue. You should check it out,dude. 2. I would love to paint pictures using your music as inspiration and the subject. I'm asking your permission. (pleeeease consider it. 3. Do you paint at all? If so, what mediums do you use? Iuse oil, watercolor and pen and ink. 4.Sorry! I know this is long! Last question I promise. Will you and Lyle play Ozark at the Planting fields? Please say Yes!! You and the group; Lyle,Paul Steve, Mark and the new guys are amazing to watch and hear. Please make more music. Bye!!

Pat’s Answer:

1.i played at bam a few years ago with steve reich. it is a great place.
2.go ahead
3.yes. anything. just for fun., we didn't.