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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Do you need an accountant?
Category: Touring
From: love PMG (n/a)

Pat, This is completely serious! Please tell me where I can fax my resume. I would love to travel the world with the PMG and be the tour accountant! I am currently a Senior Accountant at a Big 6 public accounting firm. I am smart, single, adventurous and a HUGE fan! I am a female but I can even lift instruments/equipments if required!

Pat’s Answer:

we are not a big enough organization to have a tour accountant! our tour mangager has to not only do the accounting but schlep the bags, check in at the airport, babysit all of us through our various powerbook crisises on the road and a million other things - AND balance the books. until you get to the next couple levels above where we are, this is pretty normal.