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--- Mar 24 1999 Go to category
Subject: Song Lyrics
Category: General Questions
From: Sal T. (n/a)

There are several of your compositions that I am aware of that other artist have written lyrics to, namely: So May It Secretly Begin, lyrics by Kevyn Lettau and sung by Kevyn on her Universal Language CD ...(It's Just) Talk, lyrics by Mark Murphy and sung by Mark on his latest CD ... What is your feelings regarding lyrics beng written to your songs and how to you like the arrangements done by the above mentioned artists of and Just Talk? Thanks.

Pat’s Answer:

i like it when people do versions of our songs, especially if they get the melody right and use either the right chords or ones of their own invention that work well. i like the kevyn one a lot. i especially liked kevin mahagony's version of "when we were free" on his last record.