The Soundtrack

Pat composed and performed all of the music for this emotional and introspective film. The score was recorded at the Private Studio, in New York City, and mixed at the Hit Factory. Using a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, Pat took a motivic approach to the composition, creating themes for each of the main characters and developing them throughout the score. The initial seeds of harmonic development that were to later evolve into themes for Passaggio can be heard on several tracks of the Pat Metheny Group's "Secret Story." The music from Passaggio is definitive Pat Metheny, harmonically and melodically complex and beautifully interwoven.

The main theme, an excerpt from which you can download below, makes use of a delicate, undulating string pedal. This rhythmic pattern underscores the wistful clarinet-like melody with an unmistakable momentum, reflecting the inevitability of these two people profoundly affecting each other during the brief time that they travel together. This device and its resulting momentum recurs throughout the score, representing Renato's and Marta's interaction.

Download Main Title Excerpt, AIFF format, 1.3 meg

Download Main Title Excerpt, WAV format, 1.3 meg