"Passaggio Per Il Paradiso" tells the story of two people whose very different lives intersect, and one finds himself irrevocably changed by the other. Renato is a 40-year-old detective who spends his time following adulterers, leading a lonely, flat life based on a methodical and passionless professionalism. Today he once more has to tag after a typical couple, and is waiting on a road. Marta is an old American lady, a woman with a parasol asking for a lift with her chin instead of her thumb. She has a shaky memory, but is too proud to ask for help, audacious like a child but vulnerable like an old woman. She finds herself lost and in Renato's path on this road, and will cause him to lose the couple he is following. When he chooses to help her, his initial frustration with her melts away as he gets to know an old woman desperately trying to fight for her own independence.

Passaggio is a beautiful film and a moving story, full of imagery and allegory. If and when it is available in the United States, check it out at your local video store!